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Boxing Day & Watsons Bay

nANA jUDYJan 03 2014

Since opening our latest Flagship Store in Bondi (1/79 Gould Street, Bondi) we figured it was the perfect time amongst the festive season to get to know the locals of Sydney! Alongside our ...

Goodbye 5 Pointz

Goodbye 5 Pointz

nANA jUDYNov 20 2013

Last night, the renowned New York “graffiti mecca” , 5 Pointz, lost an ongoing battle to save itself from demolition. The site, a 5 story complex of run down warehouses, has been used ...

The Culture

The Culture

nANA jUDYSep 02 2013

nANA jUDY is notorious for its exclusive and extravagant parties held in conjunction with major Australian Fashion Week shows. These events represent the culture and lifestyle of the nANA jUDY ...

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nANA jUDY Artwork Made Entirely of Denim

The nANA jUDY design team has created these one-off creative pieces of art. What’s best is they have been made entirely from worn, used, destroyed, and recycled denim – plus the ...