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NANA JUDY SS18 / FW18 Collection Video

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NANA JUDY Byron Bay Estate Party 2018

NANA JUDY Byron Bay Party held at Angus Stone’s property in Byron Bay delivered yet again for its 3rd year running. Led by headlining act, DZ Deathrays live and performances by artists including Crooked Colours, Danny Clayton, Human Movement and Jimmy2sox The estate surrounded by a picturesque lake was complete with a massive live stage and multi-level villa bars creating an oasis surrounding. Guests included Mavournee Hazel, Jessica Marais Love, Lilly Van der Meer, Danny Clayton, Matt Wilkinson and Olympia Valance. Australian artist Angus and Julia Stone, Manu Crooks, Snowboarder Scotty James and Ironman Matt Poole all flew into the estate on a chopper!

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A Guide to Urban Clothing for Men

Much like streetwear, urbanwear for men or urban streetwear lacks a clear and exact definition. Urban clothing is arguably very similar to streetwear, and the terms are often used interchangeably but urbanwear is much less ostentatious, a classier counterpart to the bold logos and dramatic patterns of streetwear.The former often uses elements of the latter to create a dynamic look.There isn't a hard and fast rule about how casual or formal an ensemble should be but is is more about striking a balance between the two.

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NANA JUDY is more than a clothing brand, it is a culture, and those who represent are all at one.

Our latest collection is titled Unite; to come or bring together for a common purpose or action. 

We have created a range for you that aligns our inspirations of art, music and culture that unifies the world we live in today.

Men's Streetwear Movement in Australia

Streetwear has gained a lot of traction in the fashion sphere in recent years. Its heritage is rooted in the skater, surfer and hip hop scenes in America during the 70s and 80s but it has since exploded into a global movement. Despite calling to mind grungy alleys and shady affairs, the street in streetwear has come to represent what's popular or hyped on the street, a movement that spurs masses to consume. 

It is increasingly difficult to define streetwear in exact terms as it is a smorgasbord of trends, skate wear, workwear, luxury designer pieces and urban wear. Streetwear has always aimed to make a statement; it is a means of expression is daring and loud. 

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Our latest release has now launched in stores globally. The Legacy Collection evolves signature pieces to new heights whilst introducing unique fabrications and colour ways to create a collection that represents our ethos. 


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