It's Your Moment

It's Your Moment

Introducing our latest collection called Moment.

Like you, at NANA JUDY we live in the moment. We throw good times with you and we share moments with you.

We believe our collections are a reflection of your lives, a blend of moments in time. These moments influence our designs and culture.

The Moment Collection is heavily inspired by your moments and the music along the way. We have taken inspiration from you to create a fashion forward contemporary street wear collection, which is original and unique.

Together we have pushed the boundaries of design, details and innovation.  Moments in time have enabled us to evolve each piece and create our signature looks. The Moment Colleection embraces a new era of elements including sequins, studs, lacing, piping and exclusive fabrics to provide you with something like no other.

The Moment Collection is available now worldwide and throughout Australia within selected boutiques. Also available within Nana Judy retail stores and via our Online store.

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