About us



NANA JUDY is designed in Melbourne, Australia since 2006.

Creating clothing for men and women for the best independents and premium department stores globally.

NANA JUDY has a driven focus on creating new boundaries in design aesthetic, innovation and quality with sustainability as a core value.

Our social brand identity is vital to us, inspired by the confident, carefree attitude of the young and free.  We are committed to environmental sustainability and what we do within our global footprint.

NANA JUDY is built for the streets and designed for the

progressive. Each collection evolves yet stays true to our original legacy. We design ready to wear collections, which are like no other, inclusive for everyone.



 Australian Streetwear Brand.

Named after the founders’ grandmothers Dalmatian called Judy.

The brand name is unique and meaningful and is part of the brands ethos of creating unique ready to wear designs to be enjoyed. "NANA (abbreviation for grandmother) stands for legacy, JUDY (being a rare name) represents the uniqueness of Dalmatian’s spots." like the name, the NANA JUDY brand has always held strong to its own identity and design, which has been a key to the brand’s popularity. 

The brand recently collaborated with Disney on its iconic 101 Dalmatians which launched at New York Fashion week opening with supermodels Josephine Skriver, Winnie Harlow, Shaun Ross and Neels Visser.  The brand was approached by Disney to do a Collaboration with them and it was fitting to do 101 Dalmatians. The show at New York fashion week even included a real Dalmatian walking on the runway which made global press.