Streetwear - The Unite Collection

Streetwear - The Unite Collection

NANA JUDY is more than a clothing brand, it is a culture, and those who represent are all at one.

Our latest collection is titled Unite; to come or bring together for a common purpose or action. 

We have created a range for you that aligns our inspirations of art, music and culture that unifies the world we live in today. 
The Unite Collection is truly unique; it evolves our signature pieces to new heights, introduces original fits, and highlights innovative fabrications on premium washes to create a collection for all.



Within the UNITE Collection, there are many stories, such as camo. The camo print is part of the military streetwear trend, which has outlasted change in fashion from season to season and has been especially present in 2018. The UNITE Collection features camo in many colourways, navy tan being the most dominant. The army staple print is best paired back with boots, and some distressed denim. 


The denim styles featured within the UNITE Collection takes the signature cuts and designs to new heights. From zipper details, acid and vintage washes, distressed panels, embroidery, and tapered cuts, the denim story further affirms why NANA JUDY are Australia’s leading brand.



A sense of timeless romance is apparent with dove, heart and rose embroidered patches featuring on bomber jackets, denim and tees. In today’s increasingly detached climate of instant gratification, time sensitive embroidery possesses a sense of meaning. These vintage inspired details are best worn back with vintage washed denim or with a monochrome classic black fit. 



NANA JUDY ‘s signature pieces have featured in new washes and colourways, such as acid wash, tie dye, white marl and desert pink, in never before seen ways. Other signature classic detailing such as pintuck and funnel neck still feature heavily in the UNITE Collection. 

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